Health & Wellness

At Healthy In… wellness is the key.

We’re sold on the belief that a better, longer, fuller life comes from embracing inner peace and beauty.

Past, present and future, we have held this vision for personal fulfilment of mind, body, and soul. Across all our Healthy In… resorts, wellness centers and outlets, we’re committed to you.

As the original and number one provider in the US, with resorts and spas located throughout the 50 states, few can lay claim to offering a more accessible service focussed 100% on a better you.

Personalised Color Therapy™

Make space for color in your life.

Amongst the many services we offer one of the most exciting is Personalised Color Therapy™.

The ultimate Complementary Therapy

Personalised Color Therapy™ is completely non-invasive and completely safe to use by any of our patients in conjunction with other treatments. By unlocking the secrets of the chakras and matching them with the most appropriate energy source to augment their current resonances our Personalised Color Therapy™ allows you to boost your energy levels and find untapped resources deep within your own body and mind.

Regression Therapy

Rediscover your Wellness.

We believe that past lives are, in turn, one of the keys to wellness. By understanding forgotten experiences, especially across the multiple lives that a soul transitions, we can unearth root causes to problems minor and major.

Forgotten experiences

Our Beyond Regression Therapy™ is designed to discover and relive earlier experiences that have caused present complaints and conditions. Our therapists use our Reliving Techniques, developed by Professor Marshall, to unearth forgotten, ignored or repressed experiences that are tainting lives. We go further than this and seek to reactivate positive feelings and repressed talents.

Hydro and Aqua Therapy

Water is the source of life.

The most ancient peoples of the world knew and understood this intimately and, here at Healthy-In, we understand this too. We can offer the most advanced Hydro and Aqua therapy facilities in the whole of the country – with an emphasis on promoting an active lifestyle for a noticeably longer life.

Swimming, deep water immersion, and sea-salt scrubs are all encouraged by our talented team of local therapists and, for those who want something more, we also offer our completely unique suite of Healthy-In Genetic Therapy™ Treatments!

Healthy-In Genetic Therapy™

We know the secret to a longer life.

Our patented Healthy-In Genetic Therapy™ is a revolutionary technique in the fight against aging. No more expensive but useless creams! No more painful injections! With Healthy-In’s unique anti-aging techniques, a few moments with a trained professional can see the progress of wrinkles stopped immediately and, very soon, the years will drop away too.

Our Genetic Therapies can also help get rid of body hair – for good! Why pay for waxing, shaving or any other depilatory method when a few, painless moments with a Healthy-In genetic specialist can see that hair dealt with properly!