Personalised Color Therapy™

Make space for color in your life.

Amongst the many services we offer one of the most exciting is Personalised Color Therapy™.

The ultimate Complementary Therapy

Personalised Color Therapy™ is completely non-invasive and completely safe to use by any of our patients in conjunction with other treatments. By unlocking the secrets of the chakras and matching them with the most appropriate energy source to augment their current resonances our Personalised Color Therapy™ allows you to boost your energy levels and find untapped resources deep within your own body and mind.

Different colors operate at different energy levels and thus complement different chakras, or energy centers, in your body. Traditionally taking the seven spectrum colors and aligning them with the seven main chakras conventional color therapy has long had success in improving the balance of the chakras. Healthy In… has taken this concept and extended to a full-spectrum response to deliver truly Personalised Color Therapy™.

The energy levels of Green and Yellow align most closely with the Heart and Solar Plexus respectively. Healthy In… has identified key benefits of utilising the color Yellow to extend the solar plexus chakra in a permeating sense throughout the body enhancing awareness and perception. The Green of the heart is instrumental in bringing all of the other chakras into alignment and Healthy In… use our aqua therapy facilities to further immerse our patients in a green and comforting womb-like environment to bring about the full awakening of the spirit.

Results of Personalised Color Therapy™

Complementing other therapies is key to Personalised Color Therapy™ and its likely outcomes but by aligning chakras in a holistic spectral sense we are able to rapidly identify a balanced outcome for all other accompanying therapy models.

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